Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Pumpkin and Two Pirates

It has been a couple years since I took my son and daughter trick-or-treating. The last few years, I was the one that stayed home to hand out the candy. This year, though, it is MY turn to go with the kiddos, and as usual, I’ll be dressing up in a costume, too.

My love of dressing up never went away. I loved to play dress up as a little girl and I always looked forward to Halloween every year. When I got older I signed up for every school play or church presentation I could, so I had an excuse to put on a costume. And now even as an adult, I can’t get enough!

My kids have always loved my costumes. They insist I’m “the coolest mommy EVER!” I’m really just a kid stuck in a grown-up’s body when it comes to these things, and I think they sense it. I only hope that as they grow older, they will continue to appreciate my love of dressing up and never see it as a sense of embarrassment. (I know, that will take a miracle!)

This Halloween my 7-year-old son is dressing up as a giant pumpkin. He is excited because he loves orange and pumpkins AND my mother made his costume...which means no one else will have a costume like his this year (unlike the zillion fellow Captain Americas he ran into last year). My daughter and I are going as pirates. My daughter asked me to break out my pirate costume from a few years back, so with a few new accessories, she and I could be a fearsome and awesome swashbuckling duo.

My children were so thrilled and wound up about Halloween and Trick-or-Treat being tomorrow that I could scarce get them to stop morning long enough for them to fall asleep. They have missed trick-or-treating with me, and they already know we will have a blast.

Their only disappointment (besides having to leave poor Daddy behind on candy duty) is realizing that I’m too old for getting candy from houses. You should have seen my son’s face drop when he found the ugly truth. He never considered the idea that anyone could be too old for treats...and that someday he will be, too. After getting over their initial shock, though, my kids cheered up and promised me they would share lots of their candy with me. Those two really know how to make a mama proud and feel loved!

© Amanda R. Dollak 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Halloween!

A big spider-ly 'hi!' and wishing you and your family a safe Halloween.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Super-Duper, Super, SUPER Old

My 7-year-old son and I were talking just a little bit ago. He wanted to know more about a bracelet I had given him about a year ago. He just found the bracelet in the bottom of his toy box and was dismayed that it is starting to fray around the edges. This conversation transpired:

Son: “Mommy, how old is this bracelet? It’s starting to come apart, and I’m sad!”

Me: “Well, I got it while I was still in high school, so I’m guessing it is 11 or 12 years old.”

Son: “Really? That’s super-duper, super old!”

Me: “But I’m almost 30. If that bracelet is ‘super-duper, super old’, what does that make me?”

Son (without hesitation): “You are super-duper, super, SUPER old!”

Yes, thanks, kid! Thanks for your support here. Turning 30 won’t be difficult enough without my kids putting their two cents in.

I have to laugh, though. Just wait until HE is about to turn 30. Just wait until HE has a little kid tell HIM he is ancient. His time will come. Life has a way of turning full circle and repeating itself, just with different roles or different players. Although I don’t recall, I have a feeling I once was in my son’s shoes and called my own parents old. And now I know how they must have felt. The universe has one crazy sense of humor!

How do your kids feel about your age?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Poem to My Daughter

My dear sweet, little princess,
You’re growing before my eyes!
I know you are in distress,
And you do not realize

That everything I do--
Both of what seems good AND bad--
I do because I love you
With a love I never had.

You and your brother are two
Biggest blessings in my life.
Motherhood has pushed me through
The most grueling pain and strife.

I am more as a mommy,
With your tiny hand in mine,
Than I ever thought I’d be
Even ‘til the end of time!

You bring out the best in me;
You make me want to be more.
Finally, I can now see
My life IS worth fighting for.

You are only six years old,
So you cannot understand
Why I correct you and scold...
Why I guide you hand in hand.

Oh, it would be so easy
To let you e’er have your way...
My efforts may seem cheesy
And perhaps cause you dismay,

But I only want the best
For you--today and always--
So I will not ever rest
Until only the best stays,

And you become a lady--
Kind, tender, caring, and strong--
Who offers her gifts daily
And who loves her whole life long.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013