Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Poem to My Daughter

My dear sweet, little princess,
You’re growing before my eyes!
I know you are in distress,
And you do not realize

That everything I do--
Both of what seems good AND bad--
I do because I love you
With a love I never had.

You and your brother are two
Biggest blessings in my life.
Motherhood has pushed me through
The most grueling pain and strife.

I am more as a mommy,
With your tiny hand in mine,
Than I ever thought I’d be
Even ‘til the end of time!

You bring out the best in me;
You make me want to be more.
Finally, I can now see
My life IS worth fighting for.

You are only six years old,
So you cannot understand
Why I correct you and scold...
Why I guide you hand in hand.

Oh, it would be so easy
To let you e’er have your way...
My efforts may seem cheesy
And perhaps cause you dismay,

But I only want the best
For you--today and always--
So I will not ever rest
Until only the best stays,

And you become a lady--
Kind, tender, caring, and strong--
Who offers her gifts daily
And who loves her whole life long.


  1. Really nice, Amanda. I'm the mom of a daughter as well, so I can totally relate.

    1. Thank you, Sandy, for stopping by and reading my poem. Hope have a wonderful day! :)