Monday, March 26, 2012

Introduction to My Blog

Whether you are a new parent, a veteran, or a grandparent, you know first hand that once children enter our lives, we are never the same again.  Children bring laughter, love, joy, and innocence into our world.  Their hugs, their smiles, their ideas, their accomplishments bring a comfort and pride that we often never experienced before.  In them, we rediscover ourselves and redefine ourselves, becoming better individuals with each passing day.  Truly, nothing compares to the wonders of parenthood.

However, every parent knows that although children are a blessing, the parenting process can sometimes be chaotic and outright bizarre!  As parents, we put everything we have--and then some--into our children, hoping to raise them right and to give them a future better than our own.  But who among us hasn’t experienced at least one incident that makes us cringe?  And who doesn’t have a truck load of memories that make us chuckle and shake our heads in utter disbelief?

I am creating this blog to celebrate the wonderful relationship between parent and child.  Not only do I want to explore with you the heart-melting joys, but I want to embrace the crazy mischief , as well, which makes each and every day of parenting an exciting adventure.  Join me as we share that which sends parents repeatedly back and forth from shocking AAAH! to exhausted (but happy) Zzz‘s!


  1. I've seen lots of blogs related kids and family, none of the names pop into my head at the moment...unfortunately it would be good if you visit some I think for ideas. First thing I might suggest is pictures. I rarely read a blog post that doesn't have a picture. Pictures are eye catchers, I tend to pass by posts without them, as they don't look inviting or interesting. Will you blog be girl related? The colors look totally female, might suggest bright cheery colors that say kids vs pastel colors that say girls.

    Good luck with the blog. I'll add myself as a followering to help you get rollin. When people see followers and comments, I think it encourages them to join in.

    Would also suggest you change your settings to include name and url. As I started to hit publish here for my comment realized you don't have that option. For people who have more then one blog, or have blogs outside of blogger it's a good idea. As it is now, I'll sign it with google, which then takes you to my dashboard where you have to pick which blog to go to. That takes you extra time and also doesn't let you know which blog people visited you from.

  2. Oh, and do yourself a favor and everyone else who visits, get rid of your captcha thing. It really discourages people wanting to leave a comment. The blogger filter is excellent and it's not needed. Most of us who blog alot, find them very annoying. Often, I'll choose not to leave a comment on a blog I know has them enable. They're time consuming and extremely aggravating.