Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mac 'N' Cheese? I.D. Please!

This week I received a humorous reminder of how quirky child logic truly can be.  My wonderful fiancĂ© cooked us a delicious dinner, which included homemade macaroni and cheese.  My 6-year-old son enjoys trying new things and has never been a picky eater.  My daughter (soon to be 5), however, has always been particular and is quite the mac ‘n’ cheese connoisseur.  In the end, the meal was a hit with the entire household . . . save my in-house food critic.

The next day, as I sat enjoying the leftovers for lunch, I curiously asked her why she hadn’t liked the macaroni and cheese (which I found mouthwatering and irresistible).  Her tiny little eyebrows lowered a little, and she nibbled on her lower lip as she thought my question over.  I could almost hear her mind hard at work, trying desperately to come up with an explanation.  Finally, she blinked her beautiful brown eyes, and declared, “It’s because I’m not old enough yet, Mommy.”

I coughed to cover the chuckle forming in my throat as I tried to understand her solemn answer.  But I kept wondering how on earth her age had anything to do with her taste in food.  I acknowledged that our likes and dislikes do certainly change as we grow older, but how would a 4 year old know this?

Growing more and more curious by the second, I decided to ask her to explain further.  Without skipping a beat she replied, “I won’t like it until I’m 6.”

This confused me even more.  What did she know that I didn’t know?  This conversation was certainly getting stranger by the second.  Yet, I had to know, so once again I asked her why.  She sighed, rolled her eyes (like I was asking a question about something obvious), and replied, “Because, Mommy, my brother is 6, and he loves it.  You have to be at least 6 to like mac ‘n’ cheese!”

Who knew there is an age requirement for liking macaroni and cheese?  I sure didn’t!


  1. Oh, too precious. Kisa are so funny in their logic.

  2. Great story, and you did an excellent job writing it. It's good to write all of those down, because as cute and funny as they are, we do tend to forget them as time goes by.

  3. How cute! What creative things children come up with.