Saturday, June 30, 2012

Holy Molely!

My 6-year-old son is one cool dude!  He loves to rock his shades and baseball cap.  The little girls at the playground love his shy smiles and silly jokes.  Maybe someday he will be a ladies’ man, and this mama will be worried out of her mind!  However, right now, I think it’s cute and chuckle at how the little girls chase him, while he acts all nonchalant and suave.

Despite his cool demeanor, though, my son can get wound up by the strangest things.  Just this past April, April Fool’s Day in fact, I had to deal with one of these little incidents.  I was downstairs washing dishes after lunch when I noticed that the water upstairs in the bathroom had been running for at least 5 minutes.  Curious, I dried my hands and went to find out what was going on.  The bathroom door was closed, so I knocked.

At first, I didn’t get a response.  I leaned closer to the door.  I heard the sink facet running and the muffled voices of both my son and my daughter.  Wondering what on earth they could be doing, I opened the door.  There my kids were with wash clothes in both hands, frantically scrubbing their arms and legs.  Soap and water was everywhere, covering the sink, walls, and floor!

Shocked and upset, I yelled, demanding an explanation.  Startled by my outburst, both of my children jumped around, their eyes wide and their mouths even wider--their wash clothes spraying soapy water through the air!  My son stuttered a couple seconds and then replied, “Um, Mommy, we’re washing off our arms and legs.”

Reaching around them, I shut off the facet, and shook my head in disbelief at the huge mess.  “But why?!?!”

My 5-year-old daughter’s bottom lip started trembling as she squeaked, “Because we don’t want our moles anymore!”

My son, still unsure of himself, nodded and explained further, “Yeah, I found more moles, and I hate them!  I don’t want to be covered with moles.  They are awful, and I keep getting more and more.”

Even more confused, I asked, “But why is there water and soap everywhere?”

My daughter rolled her eyes (as she loves to do) and sighed (as if the answer were obvious), “Because we are washing our moles off . . .”

My son frowned and resumed scouring his left arm.  “But they just won’t come off!  What are we gonna do?!”

Their little solemn faces and the bizarre mess in the bathroom were too much for me.  I started chuckling so hard that I couldn’t even stand up straight!  Here it was April Fool’s Day, and history was playing the ultimate prank on me.  About 22 years ago, I was the one flooding the bathroom with my little brother in my own attempt to be mole free.  And my mother was the one stumbling upon the mess.  What can I say?  History loves to repeat itself and in pretty outlandish ways, too!

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