Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Imaginary Bundle of Joy

Meet the newest member of our family, Chaya.  Yes, she’s only two dimensional and doesn’t have any hands or feet to speak of.  However, she’s part of the family just the same.  She loves the color pink and has lots of pretty black hair.  Her favorite animals are horses, and she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.  She is the “bestest” baby sister in the whole wide world, too . . . well, at least according to my 5-year-old daughter.

My little girl is still going through baby sister withdrawal.  Her best friend finally got a baby sister last year (after having to deal with 4 brothers for years).  And ever since then, my daughter has asked and asked and ASKED for her own baby sister.  She has prayed for one, asked Santa Claus for one, and even asked Grandma to buy her one for her birthday.  She has even asked for her younger cousin (by 3 months) to come live with us so she could have a best friend and sister every day!

In her 5-year-old world, she can’t comprehend why she just can’t have a baby sister.  So, she has become desperate enough to make one up.  In fact, she’s drawn several pictures of her.  She plays with her imaginary baby sister, Chaya now a regular basis.   She pretends they are having tea parties together.  She has imaginary dress-up, makeup sessions with her baby sister.  My little princess even makes up stories about adventures they have had together.

At first, I was a little concerned.  Was my daughter getting enough attention?  Was she playing enough with other children?  Was I spending enough time with her?  Finally, I asked her about Chaya and if she knew that she really didn’t have a baby sister.

To my relief, she replied immediately, “Oh, I know, Mommy.  I’m just practicing for when I do get a baby sister!”

I suppose time will tell if she will ever have a real baby sister.  I know I’m not ready right now to be considering another baby.  But you never know.  Every now and then, I catch myself missing those days.  I see the tiniest, cutest baby shoes and think, I really want these!  Or I see a smiling, giggling baby ahead of me in the checkout lane and my heart skips a beat and melts at the pure sweetness.  I admit I miss the cuddles and snuggles with my babies.  I still haven’t been able to part with all the adorable baby outfits my kids have long outgrown.  Yes, perhaps, one day there might be another little Amanda in my arms . . . and then we shall see if it’s everything my daughter expects.


  1. Sometimes I think that I wish kids would stay babies all the time, but then I remember all of the other fun ages. Even the teen years have good times. It's a wondrous thing watching kids grow up.

    Thanks for the follow. I am now following your blog as well.

    Tossing It Out

  2. My friend's daughter told her the other day that she wants a step-mom. Her father is not part of her life at all, so my friend asked her, "You want Daddy to marry another woman so you can have a stepmom?" Her daughter said, "NO, YOU marry another woman!"

    At the end of the tears of laughter, my friend's daughter now understands that mommy likes guys AND she actually knows what a step-mom IS (she had no idea)! LOL

  3. How cute! My six year old is finally getting his wish next month...a baby brother. He has 'requested' one ever since I can remember and he's thrilled.

  4. I'm past having kids of my own now but definitely miss being around babies. Time goes by way too fast, cute story !

  5. That's a very sweet picture. I'm probably not going to have children, but I still think they're adorable.

  6. That is very cute. She sounds adorable.

  7. Very fun parenting story, as always!