Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just Jammin', Mommy!

As an avid music lover, I have surrounded my children with a vast array of music since before birth.  Country, swing, jazz, soul, classical, rock n roll, folk, Latin, Celtic, and gospel, my kids have embraced them all--and then some--enjoying them all without little regard to what is popular or where the boundaries lie.

Now that my son and daughter are getting older and realizing the endless possibilities of the future, they have been taking about starting a band with some of their cousins and friends.  My daughter (nearly 5) is set on becoming a singer and learning to play the guitar.  My son (6) is also determined to play the guitar but recently decided he should master the keyboard and drums, too.

One day, last February, both of my kids were gathered in my daughter’s bedroom, discussing their band plans.  They gathered all of their toy instruments: 2 guitars, 2 keyboards, a drum pad set, and a vast assortment of flutes, slide whistles, and percussion instruments.  They were so eager to get their band started.

I left their little meeting and went downstairs to cook dinner, recalling all the little meetings I had with my brother during my own childhood.  As I was setting the table, however, the most horrible racket assaulted my ears through the ceiling above me!

I rushed upstairs thinking someone might’ve gotten injured.  I burst through my daughter’s bedroom door and found both of them dancing like there was no tomorrow, trying to play every instrument that they own.  The electronic keyboards and drum set were on the floor and blaring pre-set tunes.  My kids had a flute AND a slide whistle in each of their mouths.  They both had their guitars slung over their shoulders and playing with one hand.  With their left hands, they were shaking and rattling every percussion instrument they could grasp.

Over the crazy dine, I yelled, “What are you two doing?!”

My son stopped his frantic dancing and let his flute and slide whistle drop from his lips.  He grinned and shouted with total joy, “We’re just jammin’, Mommy!”

Maybe someday they will start an actual band or follow another dream.  I just hope that whatever dream they chase, they will experience as much joy and excitement as they had during their little jam session!


  1. What a fun post! Your children sound adorable!! ~ Angela, Whole Foods Living,

  2. Cute! My three year old son loves music too and he likes to play Guitar Hero or Rock Band with us. While he learns the kiddy songs at school and in my car he knows and can sing Soundgarden and Journey too!

  3. This is so cute...we couldn't get any of our three interested in music (even though we bought all the instruments when the first was adopted)
    Rhia from Five Minute Piece for Inspiration (around # 800 on the A through Z list)

  4. A story to tell when their videos are playing on MTV. Too cute! :)