Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kooky, Fun Dances

What is a wedding, dance, or any other deejayed event without some crazy, goofy dances thrown in for fun?  I don’t know how to dance a step, but I still can do the Macarena, the YMCA, the Hokey Pokey, the Twist, and (embarrassingly) the Bunny Hop.  I learned all but the later at such events, and I have to admit it was fun!  However, I grudgingly gained the Bunny Hop experience in 3rd grade when my teacher made the class do this horrifying dance all through the entire school for Easter.

Here is a video for those of you who might be unsure what this frightening dance looks like . . . and sounds like:


Since that embarrassing afternoon, I have often wondered why people come up with such silly--sometimes insane--dances?  Dance crazes have come and gone, but there still seems to remain a deep need for people to come up with dances that stand out and let something inside of them break free.

For years, I didn’t understand what that ‘something’ could be.  But once my children became old enough to start dancing, I finally understood.  It’s the need to let your inner self be known and expressed with no worries or cares . . . to simply relish the moment and let off steam with those around you . . . to laugh and share a camaraderie that is free and unobstructed by everyday barriers. 

As I watch both of my children dance with all their heart and soul, I see so much.  My daughter is graceful, creative, and elegant.  My son is unique, energetic, and a charming comic.  Each time they dance, my daughter’s inner ballerina surfaces, while my son invents his own silly dances (i.e., his latest the Karate Chop Hop).  Ultimately, I’ve learned that it’s not the dance that really matters but how free your inner self becomes as you enjoy it!


  1. Great topic for K! I love that about weddings and ours was really fun because we had the best DJ ever who got all my husbands college buddies to do every silly dance.

    1. How fun! The silly dances do bring a lot of fun and warmth to a wedding.

  2. Here in Wisconsin, the Chicken Dance is painfully popular ... 'nuff said.

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    1. Oooh, the Chicken Dance! Brings back painful memories . . . ! LOL

  3. Sometimes you have to let your hair down and just do a crazy dance! I thought doing a conga line at my wedding would be a little weird, but it was a lot of fun! People of all ages were swaying to the music! The line made two full laps around my reception hall!! ~ Angela, Whole Foods Living,

  4. There was dancing in the mud at my wedding - that was kooky enough. The dry cleaner never did get all the mud and grass stains out of my dress.

  5. You nailed the essence in this piece. Well done. I was never much of a dancer and now if I'm at a party where they start dancing those dances, I marvel at the people who know what's going on.

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