Thursday, March 14, 2013

Leprechauns Among Us

Our leprechaun trap
This week, for a class project, my 7-year-old son was asked to build a leprechaun trap. His teacher shared a website with many trap ideas. My son chose one of the designs and decided to modify it to make it his own.

Since then, my children have been debating whether or not leprechauns exist and have been searching for evidence of their existence all over our home. Watching their curiosity and listening to their cute leprechaun discussions inspired me to write the following poem:

Look under the table,
And check under your chair--
A creature of fable
Could be lurking somewhere!

The windows are shut tight,
And all the doors are fast,
But during this March night,
Magic may come at last.

Hide all glittery things,
Especially the gold,
Before the gleaming brings
Leprechauns to behold

And steal it all away
To hide at rainbow’s end
For their joy night or day,
Brightened by colors’ bend

But for you brave of heart
And curious of mind--
Using science and art;
A trap nicely designed--

Could lure a leprechaun
And capture him tonight…
And St. Patrick’s Day dawn
Could promise treasure bright,

Yes, leprechauns, once caught,
Will give up their whole hoard
In their overflowing pot
If their freedom’s restored!

Will you and your family be brave enough and try to catch a leprechaun this year?  Happy St. Patrick's Day from my family to yours!

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