Thursday, March 21, 2013

We're All Gonna Die!

Breakfast--kid style!
My 5-year-old daughter loves to ask questions…the more complicated and/or outlandish, the better. This morning was no exception. As I was sitting eating my breakfast, I was working at my desk. Since I had gotten distracted, my kids were already finished with their food, so I thought I’d multitask and be even more productive.

With some whirls, twirls, and leg kicks, my little princess came dancing into the room. She stopped at the corner of my desk, blinked her big brown eyes, and asked another one of her thought-provoking questions: “Mommy, which is more important--eating, sleeping, or drinking? I want to be healthy, so I wanna know.”

Not sure exactly what to say, I told her, “Well, they are ALL important.”

Looking puzzled, she asked, “What will happen if you don’t eat?”

“If you don’t eat enough food, eventually you’ll die.”

Becoming even more puzzled, she asked further, “Okay, what if you don’t sleep?”

“Once again, eventually you would die.”

“And water? What if you don’t drink enough water?”

“You’ll die.”

She thought this over for a second and then skipped out of the room to her big brother. All nonchalant and cheery, she exclaimed, “Guess what? Mommy said that we’re all gonna die! Let’s go get a snack and a drink…and maybe a nap.”

Somehow this is NOT what I was expecting her to take from this conversation at all!


  1. This is hilarious! Conversations often don't go where we think they're going when are kids are young . . .and sometimes it works that way when they're older too.

  2. LOL. That's one way of looking at it, I suppose!

    I'm stopping by as an A to Z Challenge helper. I'm looking forward to reading your Challenge posts. :)

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