Friday, March 8, 2013

My Babies Yesterday, Today & Always

My princess at 2 years old

My son and daughter will always be my babies, no matter how old they become.  However, now that they are a first grader and a kindergartner  I sometimes miss their younger days.  I know that every moment wasn’t easy.  In fact, they had me constantly on my toes with their creative mischief.

Still, every time I see an old photo of their dimpled smiles, chubby faces, and tiny hands and feet, my heart begins to melt and ache just a little.  I miss the koala bear hugs, the long cuddles, the sloppy kisses, and the irresistible giggles.  I long for the relentless curiosity, the sweet innocence, and yes, that new baby smell.

When my children were smaller I gave them both snuggle names.  My son was my Cuddle Bug, and my daughter was my Snuggle Bunny.  They were Mommy’s babies to the core and adored hugging and cuddling up with me for hours.  It was the greatest feeling ever!

My kids continue to be affectionate, but it has changed.  They no longer want to sit in my lap nearly as much.  They have much more important things to do these days like play with their friends or go off on their own adventures.  I still get hugs and kisses, but they aren’t nearly as clingy or slobbery.  Plus, they are usually reserved for bedtime or special times.

I know my kids can’t stay small forever, and I’m so proud of how much they have grown and blossomed over the years.  But part of me will always miss the days when I was the center of their world.  Life will continue to move on, and they will continue to grow.  They will eventually have families of their own someday.  Yet, one thing will never change: they will forever be the center of MY world!

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