Wednesday, April 3, 2013

B: Buckets Full of Easter Eggs

Two days after Easter and I’m already suffering from the Easter egg blues! I have eaten more eggs in the last few days than I have consumed in at least the last 3 months. Buckets and buckets of eggs have invaded my life and I just can’t stop eating them: deviled eggs, pickled eggs, and hard boiled eggs galore. And I can forget the eggs in the macaroni salad and potato salad. Lastly, we shouldn’t leave out the chocolate-cover marshmallow eggs, birds eggs jelly beans, peanut butter eggs, or tiny Butterfinger eggs that keep mysteriously jumping from my Easter basket into my mouth. Although technically not eggs, they sure are contributing to my Easter egg insanity!

Every year I convince myself that we should tone down on the Easter eggs from now on. But every year, my kids and family spread on the egg-tastic deliciousness even more. My kids are getting older, so they want more and more eggs to dye. A handful of eggs doesn’t go far these days. They decorate and dye them faster than I can get them handed out.

Plus, this year, my fiancĂ© decided to improve on his holiday specialty: devil eggs. Instead of plain old deviled eggs, which I find hard to resist, he decided to try to make chick deviled eggs. Each chick consisted of an entire hard boiled egg overstuffed with deviled filling and garnished with edible eyes and beaks--to make it seem like a chick is hatching out of its shell. They turned out almost too adorable to eat. Yes, ALMOST! Those little chicks didn’t stand a chance. Every devoured at least 1 chick a piece. I, tempted by the yummy cuteness, ended up eating two. I just couldn’t stop myself!

I know my family and I will be sick up to our ears of eggs, and I’ll be searching for some way, any way, to get rid of the leftover eggs. Despite this, I know with a fact that come next Easter, we will once again dive eagerly into another Easter egg overload. In the end, it comes down to one thing: Easter just wouldn’t be the same without all the egg deliciousness and fun!


  1. The chick deviled eggs are cute!

    I got away from the whole actual egg dying before my kids were born - mostly because I had nightmares of eating eggs for days after Easter as a kid. We've painted a wooden egg each year instead. The kids have one for each year, sometimes I paint it and sometimes they do. Most of the time it showcases what they are into that year and either way, is a mark of their growing artistic ability. At 10 and 14 now, we have quite a collection in our big basket! And bonus: no having to eat eggs for days and days. :)

  2. This sounds like my family not too many years ago. This year my youngest is 17, and we just didn't get around to coloring any eggs. I did boil up a dozen on Easter morning, but we ended up eating them undecorated. I love the cute deviled egg chicks. They look delicious!