Wednesday, April 10, 2013

H: Hundred Haven

To celebrate the 100th day of school, my 7-year-old son’s class did a video project that featured what each student thought he or she would look like and be like if they live to be 100 years old. It was a cute project idea, but at first, my son wasn’t a fan. He felt that 100 was far too old and he felt that he could never live that long. Trying to emphasize the hypothetical nature of this project, I asked him what IF he made it that long? What did he think he would look like? What did he think he would be doing? How would he be different, and how would he be the same?

Either my questions got his creative juices flowing or he just got tired of me bothering him about the project. In the end, he came up with a cute illustration and an even cuter explanation of what he might be like if he reaches 100.

He made it clear to me again that he is skeptical that he will ever live to be 100 years old. However, after some thought, he now feels that he does have a chance since his great great grandpa is 93. He told me that if he lives to be 100, he wants to be just like his great great grandfather, who he calls Great Pap-Pap. My son feels that if he reaches 100, he will be bald, wear yellow glasses, and live in an all orange house. He explained to me that since Great Pap-Pap still lives on his own, he feels that he will, too He also explained that he wanted a giant orange house because he loves orange and wants to have space for all his friends and family to come visit.

It warms my heart that my son looks up to his Great Pap-Pap. Even at 7 years old, he seems to have a respect and appreciation for the older generations--something is often lacking in today’s youth. I hope that as he grows older, my son will never forget his love and bond with his great great grandfather and will have many fond memories of the time they’ve spent together. Grandparents are one of the most precious blessings in this world and having the opportunity to know your great great grandfather is rare indeed!


  1. That is just adorable. Can he even get any cuter? What a great personality you've raised him with! I love that drawing too. :)

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  2. So cute! I just loved this one. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love that he looks up to his great great grandpa! Definitely a cute story. :)