Thursday, April 4, 2013

C: Christmas Tree Massacre

April is finally here and signs of spring are popping up slowly here and there. And all I want to do is put this long, cold, germ-infested winter far behind me! You may be wondering, though, why I decided on a Christmas story as my C post for the A to Z Blogging Challenge. There are a thousand other possible topics I could have picked for my blog, so why a wintry tale?

Well, folks, there is a single and logical explanation: I’m still finding evidence of that fateful day…the day of the Christmas Tree Massacre. Hence, sit back, relax, and listen to my harrowing tale of carnage, destruction, and the end of Christmas joy.

There once was a family: a mommy, a daddy, a little boy, and a little girl. They lived in a cozy house. Christmas was their favorite time of the year. If it were up to the children, Christmas would never end and we would never have to take down the Christmas decorations. The mommy, still a little girl at heart, secretly wanted to Christmas to never end, too. So, after some heartfelt pleas from her children, she decided that the children could keep their own Christmas tree up indefinitely, while she took down the rest of the family’s Christmas decorations.

It seemed like a wonderful compromise. Everyone was very happy with mommy’s idea, except for maybe the daddy since he was a little bit of a Christmas Scrooge. However, the mommy and children didn’t count on grinches stealing Christmas when Christmas was long over. Little did they know that their little compromise would set into motion a horrible chain of events that would still affect them months later.

One morning, the mommy and children heard a terrible crash in the kitchen. They frantically ran around the corner, just in time to see a tangled mess of Christmas tree branches, ornaments, garland, and lights. And in the middle of it all, stood two of the family’s cats. In an instant, their grinchy felines abruptly ended the Christmas season, made the children cry, and caused the mommy to wail even louder!

The mommy spent the better part of that morning detangling and cleaning up the Christmas tree massacre mess. Simultaneously, she comforted her children and dried their tears. With the final box of Christmas decorations put away, that should have been the end to our sad story.

Yet, months have gone by and still the mommy keeps finding bits and pieces of the Christmas tree massacre: sections of broken off Christmas tree branches, lose Christmas light bulbs, and even some ornaments. In fact, the mommy even found another Christmas ornament when she was cleaning up for Easter. It is as though the grinches are sending the family a warning that no holiday or occasion is safe. All are as equally susceptible to their destruction. When will the injustice and plots end?


  1. Cute story. Hopefully everything is cleaned up by now. Glad no one was hurt when the tree fell.

  2. AHAHAH, my kitty did the same thing. Little minions.

    Happy A through Z blogging!

  3. I have thus far been spared a Christmas catastrophe causes by curious cats. My will occasionally sniff at the branches (what they are smelling I couldn't tell you since we use a fake tree) and once in a while their fluffy tails will knock a lower hanging ornament down, but other than that, nothing. I really hope I am not jinxing myself!

  4. I have heard cats and Chtistmas trees don't mix! Sorry about the tree!

    Good luck a to z blogging!